2015 Field Day results announced.   In the 3A category, W4NJA was: 1st in Kentucky, 28th World-Wide.  Overall, W4NJA was:  3rd inKentucky, 161st World-Wide.   Pictured above (L-R) posing after successfully raising an antenna  are:  Mike Newman (WD4EFZ), Jim Rudd (AK4PS), Ken Wontor (KW4DI), and Bruce Huyck (KS4V).  Other operators and support team members include:  Gene Summers (N4FZ), Paul Smith (ND4X), Ed Pflueger  (AB4IQ),  Jeff Wielgos (KB9BVL), Dave Dewey (W4WKN), John Hudson (KO4XJ), Frank Baumer (KY4LDS), Mike Thomasson (KY4OEM), and Ron Cowherd (K4GYD).  Congratulations to these and others, not listed, who may have participated to make Field Day 2015 a smashing success.  See additional 2015 Field Day pictures:   


The November PARA meeting was opened at 7 pm by vice-president Mike Newman (WD4EFZ) pinch hitting for president Ken Wontor (KW4DI) who was in attendance, but had lost his voice due to laryngitis.  Attendees around the room introduced themselves by giving their name and call.  Also present were were Lewis Gregg Hicks, John Griffin and Jim Gilmore, who had come to take exams for an upgrade or new amateur license.  (See pictures and results below)

Old Business

The Minutes from the October meeting were reviewed followed by a motion to accept.  The motion was approved.

Paul Smith (ND4X) gave the treasure’s report.  He then spoke of the need for the club to pay $35 for continued membership in the Southeast Repeater Association.  Paul stressed the importance of being a represented by the association in order to hold our 2 meter 147.060 mhz frequency.  A motion was made and passed to pay the $35 fee.

Paul also spoke of the need to choose a new trustee to oversee the operation of the 06 repeater.  The previous long-time trustee had asked to be relieved of his duties.  There were several questions and comments about the responsibilities required of a trustee.  After some discussion Paul asked for a volunteer for the trustee job.  Mike Newman (WD4EFZ) stepped up and was accepted by acclamation.

Garry Wheatley (KD4GCY) brought to our attention that Ron Alvey (WD4ITB) had recently become a Silent Key.  Various comments were given in honor of Ron.  It was also noted that his father Don, also a long-time ham, had died recently making a hardship for Mrs. Alvey who has no relatives locally.  Both of these men were highly respected for their expert work at WSPDTV.

New Business

Dave Dewey reminded us of Skywarn to be observed December 6.  On this day NOAA and ARRL celebrate the partnership of the two services with ham operator visits to NWS offices to make contacts with other radio operators across the world.

We were also encouraged to write our congressmen to ask them to support/co-sponsor the ARRL Antenna Radio Parity Act of 2015 which is (hopefully) soon to be voted on.  The act, if passed, would give amateurs the right to erect a reasonable antenna in neighborhoods where amateur antennas of any sort are now restricted.

We were reminded that the PARA annual Christmas Party is planned for Monday, 6:00 pm, December 14th at Casa Mexicana restaurant located at 4793 Village Square Drive directly behind Walmart in the Strawberry Hill area.  This event will replace the December meeting and testing.

Net Controls for November and December are:

        November 15      Jeff KB9BVL

            November 22      Charlie K9DUE

            November 29       Frank KY4LDS

                December 6       Tanya KM4NPZ

        December 13      Ken KW4DI

             December 20      Dave W4WKN

              December 27     Frank KY4LDS

                January 3      Jeff KB9BVL

                    January 10     Tanya KM4NPZ


Jerry Foland (WA4TTL) gave an update and projected images showing the progress of his new 40′ tower installation.  It is obvious that he is meticulous taking his time with each step of construction.  We are looking forward to completion of the project at which time we will document his step by step work with photos and commentary.

New License and Upgrade Successes

We are happy for report that Jim Gilmore (upper right) upgraded to General.   Lewis Gregg Hicks (lower left) passed element 2 and 3 to go from nothing to a brand new General.  Congratulations Jim and Lewis.  Anyone interested in upgrading or obtaining a new Ham License may find testing information on this website.

Jim Gilmore Lewis Gregg Hicks


  1. I don’t know about the guy in the “upper right” but I’m in the one in the lower Left and I’m Lewis Gregg Hicks. LOL

    1. Lewis, I’m so sorry for the mixup. I sorted my pictures according to the order of the names that were listed on the sheet that I had on the table. Things were rather hectic at the end of the meeting and I goofed. Perhaps I’ll enlist someone to help me next time. I must say though, you and Jim are very photogenic. Congratulations again on your success.
      Ron (K4GYD)

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