PARA Meeting Minutes 9/12/2016

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Paducah Amateur Radio Association was held Monday, September 12, 2016 at the WKCTC Emerging Technology Center, Room 140, in Paducah, KY.  There were approximately 25 present plus one prospective FCC examinee.  See picture below.

The meeting was opened by President Jeff  Wielgos (KB9VBL).  Jeff invited each attendee around the room to introduce themselves with their name and call.  The Treasurer’s report was given by Bruce Huyck (KS4V).  The July meeting minutes was read by the President Wielgos  with explanations from Secretary Cowherd as needed.  Both the Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports were approved by the members present.

Old/New Business

  • Treasurer Huyck announced that the club needed to approve the reimbursement of $16.17 to member Rob Larrison for the renewal of the W4NJA yearly web domain fee.  Rob, the former W4NJA web administrator, had automatically paid the fee.  The reimbursement was approved by the membership present.
  • Secretary Cowherd gave a report on the plans for the National Parks On The Air activation that had been discussed in previous meetings.  Club officers Wielgos, Wontor, Huyck and Cowherd met before the meeting to finalize the details.  It was decided that one or more days, Monday, October 3 thru Saturday 8,  would be registered with ARRL to activate the Trail of Tears, code number TR12, in Shultz park at the foot of Broadway.  The National Parks Commission has chosen the site for a historical marker to be erected in the near future.  It is planned that two stations will be set up for portable operation.  Club members (operators, loggers and spotters) are encouraged to participate and will be notified by email as final decisions are made about specific day/days of operation.  The following activation description will be posted on the web page: “Registered Events Within 10 Days
  • The Paducah Amateur Radio Assoc. will be activating a Trail Of Tears historical site at Paducah, KY on the Ohio River. Paducah, on the trail’s southern route, is the only location where their boat stopped to take on supplies. Activation depends on weather. Operating details will be posted on ARRL NPOTA Facebook page.
  • Bruce Huyck announced updated plans for the “Compressed Air Antenna Launcher,“AKA “Spudgun” project with a demonstration.  See Two PDF files concerning building instructions and part list.  Ten members signed up for the project.  See feature picture above.

Net Controls for Late September/Early October

Sunday night nets are at 9:00 PM CDT on 147.060 PL 179.9.  See net control procedures here.

September 18                              Brent W4CHE                   10 checkins

September 25                              Frank KY4LDS                  10 checkins

October 2                                      Logan KG4VKB        ARES 7 checkins

October 9                                      Logan KG4VKB                    4 checkins

License Upgrade

Ronald Wilson successfully passed his FCC Technician Exam at the close of the September meeting.  Congratulations Ronald and feel welcome to join us again at future PARA meetings.

Ron Wilson (new tech)

NPOTA scores

National Parks On The Air current (9/22/16) Kentucky confirmed contacts:  Bruce Huyck (KS4V) 310;  Ron Cowherd (K4GYD) 150; Brent Robertson (W4CHE) 61;  Dave Dewey (W4WKN) 36; Dave Tucker (NU4N) 20; Dave Perry (N4QS) 11; Jeff Wielgos (KB9BVL) 10;  Ed Pflueger (AB4IQ) 2;  (W4NJA) 2;  Paul Smith (ND4X) 1; and Gene Summers (N4FZ) 1.

Next scheduled meeting will be Monday, October 10,2016 at the WKCTC Emerging Technology Center, Room 140.