2016 NPOTA Activation Photos

The Paducah Amateur Radio Association activated the Trail of Tears (TR12) historical site designated by the NPS at Paducah, KY on the Ohio River.  Paducah was water route site that witnessed the passage of four of the 17 Trail of Tears detachments.  this is one of the few water route sites where detachments are known to have stopped.


The activation took place in Schultz Park Tuesday, Oct. 4.  Throughout the day, 61 NPOTA Chasers were contacted on 20 meters using a Kenwood transceiver running 20 watts to a Hustler vertical.  Members participating were:  Jeff Wielgos (KB9VBL);  Ken Wontor (KW4DI);  Jason Brambach (KY9I);  Ron Cowherd (K4GYD);  Mike Thomasson (KY4OEM) and Katherine Thomasson (KI4NXE).  Great fun was had by all.

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