March Monthly Meeting

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Paducah Amateur Radio Association was held Monday, March 9, 2020 at the WKCTC Emerging Technology Center, Room 140, in Paducah, KY.  There were 21 members and guests present.  The meeting was opened by PARA President, Jeff Wielgos KB9BVL.  Jeff welcomed us and asked each attendee around the room to give their name and amateur call.

Club Business Items

  • Secretary Ron Cowherd read the minutes from the February meeting.   A motion to accept minutes was made, seconded and passed.
  • Treasurer Roger Good brought us up to date with the club’s finances.  Roger reported that he had talked with the Paducah Parks administrator and was told that nothing had changed from previous years concerning insurance requirements.  Roger reviewed our liability insurance with Beth Gupton.  Roger announced that the W4NJA domain fee had been paid.  He also ordered new checks with updated treasurers name.  Jeff called for the motion to approve the Treasures report which was subsequently moved, seconded and passed.
  • President Jeff Wielgos told us about the present condition of the 06 repeater. The power supply had failed a couple of times in the past week.  After finding that a simple reset did not permanently solve the problem, Jeff replaced the supply with one of his own until new supply could be obtained.  Jerome Mansfield told Jeff that McCracken Co. Emergency Services had budgeted funds that would be available to replace the supply later in the summer.
  • There was further discussion of the selection of a club polo shirt.  Jeff is taking care of communication with a dealer.  There was discussion about obtaining the Field Day Permit from Paducah Parks.


President Jeff gave us an in-depth synopsis of the recent KY/TN tornado outbreak.  Jeff had a good bit of data from the Paducah National Weather Service where his wife, a registered meteorologist, is employed.  He reviewed the path of the cold front with pictures and data about each tornado outbreak that occurred along the way.  Radar snapshots and computer data was exhibited showing the moment that damage was happening.  The big one was on the ground for 53 miles through the Nashville area and continued East to Putnam County.  It was estimated to be a F4 tornado with winds reaching speeds up to 175 mph killing 25 people, most of which were in their beds asleep at 1:30 in the morning.  Jeff projected vivid photos of the damage which leveled structures leaving only foundations.   The conditions and results thereof were considered to be very unusual and will probably serve as a case study for meteorologists in the future.  All in all, this was reminder of what can happen, perhaps in our own backyard, further emphasizing the need for us to be prepared.  Everyone agreed that Jeff’s timely presentation was outstanding.  Thanks Jeff.


Sunday night nets are at 9:00 PM on 147.060 MHZ. PL 179.9

March 15         Dave W4KN – 22 PARA ck-ins  (new record)

March 22          Jeff KB9BVL – 15 PARA Ck-ins, (Metro. & Pad.)

March 28          Frank KY4LDS – Emergency WX net 45 ck-ins

March 29          Roger KC9WPS – 13 PARA ck-ins

April 5               Frank KY4LDS – 21 PARA ck-ins

April 5               Logan KG4VKB – 14 ARES ck-ins

April 12             Jeff KB9BVL – 16 PARA ck-ins