President: Garry Wheatley, KD4GCY
Vice President: Jeff Wielgos, KB9BVL
Treasurer: Roger Good, KC4WPS
Secretary: Aimee Mitchell, WI2P

Meeting called to order 7:05 p.m.

Treasurer report was approved.
• ARRL Club liability insurance now in effect.
• 10 members have not paid dues.
• General Minutes were approved.
• Monthly in person meetings were discussed.
• Jeff Estes, KM4LDP, secured Heartland Church Fellowship Hall for a potential in person meeting place. There was a consensus that Heartland Church, Fellowship Hall, was a definite viable option to meet at this location. Vote was taken and passed.
• West Kentucky Community and Technical College will be contacted to see when their Conference Room will be available to use for our IN PERSON monthly meetings. If W.K.C.T.C. is not available Heartland Church Fellowship Hall is our second and final option.
• Feasibility of a Field Day (6/26 – 6/27/21), Possibility of a “Sprint Style” Field Day on 6/26/21.
• A consensus vote was taken and passed by a 89% regarding viability of interested parties to participate. Approximately 8 am to break down before Midnight .
• Field Day Committee formed consisting of Ron Cowherd, K4GYD, Committee Chair and advertising, with Bruce, KS4V, and Frank, KY4LDS to assist and coordinate.
• ARRL extended Class D rules.
• Garry Wheatley, KD4GYC, suggested a Potluck/Picnic/Tailgating event possibility in early to mid July.
• Congratulations to Massac County Amateur Radio Club officers. New President, to be voted in, will be Mr. Ruben Fuentes, WB5WTF, and Mr. Marvin “Jake” Ervin, KD9NFO, Vice President. • Appreciation and thanks to Ron Cowherd, K4GYD, former Secretary for over 5 years of service.
• Welcome Aimee Mitchell, our new Secretary.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Net Control Operators

March 14 – Dave Dewey, W4WKN  

March 21 – Jeff Estes, KM4LDP

March 28 – Frank Baumer, KY4LDS

April 4 – Michael Durr, KN4TIP – PARA

April 4 – Logan Blewett KG4VKB – ARES

April 11 – Garry Wheatley, KD4GCY