President: Garry Wheatley, KD4GCY
Vice President: Jeff Wielgos, KB9BVL
Treasurer: Roger Good, KC4WPS
Amended minutes

Meeting called to order 7:01 p.m.

  • 18 total attendees, 12 in person, 6 via zoom.
  • President Wheatley opened the meeting. He welcomed attendees and P.A.R.A.’s Zoom participants. The President reminded us of the importance of opening our hearts and minds to those around us. He said we are all in this together and also to be mindful of offering assistance to our community and others when possible. He emphasized the needs within our community are great.
  • April was the third “IN PERSON” meeting since March of 2020, due to Covid 19.
  • Treasurer report and Secretary’s minutes were submitted and approved.
  • 7 members from 2020 have not paid dues.
  • A unanimous vote was taken and passed to roll over P.A.R.A.’s C.D. from a 24 month to a 60 month C.D. , doubling the interest rate and it’s dividends.
  • President Wheatley reminded attendees of the upcoming National Weather Service ELITE SPOTTER TRAINING CLASSES. Details are on the National Weather Service, PADUCAH, website.
  • Murray State University is hosting a Ham Radio FOXHUNT on 4/17/21. For more details contact Mr. Ruben Fuentes, WB5WTF.
  • P.A.R.A. Monthly meetings will be held the second Monday of each month @ Heartland Church, 4777 Alben Barkley Dr. Paducah Ky 42001. Room # 211 (south side of complex) @ 7 PM C.S.T. President Wheatley mentioned our desire to return to West Kentucky Community and Technical College when the Covid 19 restrictions are revised.
  • President Wheatley requested a report from Jeff Estes, KM4LDP, concerning the repeater and antenna repairs on the Cook Coal Terminal near Metropolis Illinois. The repair process started in July 2020. New management has decided to complete the process. A new receiving antenna has been shipped. A transmitter has been replaced and reprogrammed. Completion should be forthcoming.
  • A Sprint Style Field Day Event, 6/26/21, was purposed and adopted. Bruce Huyck, KS4V, added valuable information. Including the Pro’s and Con’s of how we might structure the event. Three options were presented and discussed, a vote was taken and Option # 2 was approved. Option #2 will utlize Mike Newman’s shop and property as a place to hold P.A.R.A.’s Field Day 2021 event. This site was chosen because it provided indoor facilities and shelter, good antenna site construction possibilities. All of which are provided to P.A.R.A. at no cost. Site will be surveyed. Remaining event details to be determined at the May meeting. President Wheatley thanked Bruce for his input and efforts.
  • Paul Smith, ND4X, reminded the group of the Upcoming Kentucky State wide QSO Party / Special Event Stations. Paul inquired if P.A.R.A. wished to participated. June 5 and June 6 2021. Primarily operating on Saturday June 5 from 9 Am to 9 PM C.S.T. A consensus vote was taken and passed that the P.A.R.A. would participate in this event. Again, more details forth coming.
  • President Wheatley discussed the notion of a Tailgating Party/Picnic cook out sometime in early to mid July 2021. A consensus vote was taken and passed to make this a separate event from the Field Day 2021 event. More discussions to follow.
  • President Wheatley again mentioned we may want to be mindful of our community members and their needs.

Net Control Operators

Sunday night nets are at 9:00 PM on 147.060 MHZ. PL 179.9

APRIL 18 – Steve Harrison, NW9W

APRIL 25 – Frank Baumer, KY4LDS

MAY 2 – Jeff Estes, KM4LDP

MAY 9 – Ross Mitchell, WQ5B

MAY 2 – Logan Blewett, KG4VKB – ARES

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