President: Garry Wheatley, KD4GCY
Vice President: Jeff Wielgos, KB9BVL
Treasurer: Roger Good, KC4WPS

Meeting called to order 7:14 p.m.

  • Treasurer report and submitted and approved.
  • Secretary’s minutes were submitted, amended, and approved.
  • Treasurer Good mentioned he rolled over P.A.R.A.’s C.D. from a 24 month to a 60 month C.D. , increasing the interest rate.
  • A Sprint Style Field Day Event, 6/26/21, was discussed at length. Site will be surveyed. Remaining event details to be determined.
  • Kentucky State wide QSO Party 6/5/ – 6/6/21 and W4NJA Special Event Stations. June 5 and June 6 2021. Primarily operating on Saturday June 5 from 9 Am to 9 PM C.S.T. Again, more details forth coming.

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