Minutes for PARA Meeting of FEBRUARY 14

Club President Garry, KD4GCY presided and called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. and led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag.  There were 13 members in attendance.

Club Treasurer Roger, KC4WPS, read the financial report to the membership.  Jeff, KM4LDP made a motion to approve the Report as read and Dennis, KB4SRK seconded it.  The motion was voted on and carried.

KD4GCY, Garry Wheatley read the Minutes of the January 10, 2022 meeting to the membership.  Roger, KC4WPS made a motion to approve the Minutes as read and Ron, K4INS seconded the motion.  The motion was voted on and carried.

Garry KD4GCY acknowledged the passing of the mother of Frank Baumer, KY4LDS.  A donation to their church will be disbursed by the club.

President Garry led the membership in discussion on the following topics:

  • Review of best practices for Net Control for Emergency Traffic and Weather Net.  Discussion of rewording of Net Control text.  A review of use of simplex frequency in the instance of repeater down.  Suggestion to use a standardized “channel” allocation for repeaters and simplex channels.  An Ad Hoc committee is suggested to make recommendations.  Suggested to have members named to this committee in the March meeting.
  • Lewis and Clark Trail On The Air-  June 4- June 19, 2022 The Kentucky contest group has contacted us regarding us activating during this time.  Contacts will acknowledged by certificate after submission to the “Logbook of the World”. we will discuss further after some clarification at the March 2022.
  • National Weather Service Spotter classes February 15, 2022 both live and virtual.
  • Jeff, KM4LDP reviewed some of the issues encountered at the National Weather Service during the recent tornadoes.  The radios need to be coordinated in frequencies and assignment to certain antennas to specific radios.  Suggested to plan orientation programs to train amateurs on the equipment.
  • Jeff, KB9BVL discussed some of the challenges of the NWS radar and how trained spotters are able to assist.
  • New rules for ARRL field day:

Max PEP 100 watts, Claads D stations will be able to log contacts with other Class D stations

Proof of media contacts will be required.

  • World Wide Digital Contest rules are published on the ARRL website.
  • Heil, Inc. has transferred ownership to two of their employees.  Bob Heil will remain in an advisory compacity.
  • The KD4DVI 443.000 pl 179.9 repeater has replaced by a fusion (not yet WiresX) unit.

         The Metropolis 146.655- pl 179.9 still has a recieving issue

The Metropolis 147.225+ pl 123.0 repeater is both Fusion and WiresX

  • The Paducah Chamber of Commerce is offering a program on  Crypto Currency Feb 17, 2022 3:30pm
  • Garry KD4GCY attended the 911 service committee meeting which discussed funding issues, tower construction, and the future 800Mhz system.
  • Don Fuller, KC4DR gave a presentation on the recent geomagnetic storm which destroyed multiple and eventually all of the Starlink satellites.  The geomagnetic storms are solar winds from the sun caused a heating condition in the upper atmosphere causing drag resulting in satellites being destroyed during reentry.  Our earth’s magnetic field protect us from being incinerated from these solar winds.  Two scales, the “G” ranging from 1-5, and the “K” ranging from 1-9 both increasing in intensity. A “G-3” or “K-5” can be detrimental to radio and electrical equipment. 

Net Control Operator assignments were made and the formal portion of the meeting was adjourned

Net Control

Feb 20- Ken, KW4DI

Feb 27- Frank, KY4LDS

Mar 06- Michael, KN4TIP

Mar 13- Garry, KD4GCY

A motion was made by Jeff KB9BVL to close the meeting, seconded by Dave, W4WKN.  The meeting was closed at 2112.

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