April 2014


1. President Mike Newman called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, in        room 140, Emerging Technology
2. Introductions by the members.
3. Treasurer’s Report was given by club Treasurer Paul Smith and                approved.
4. Minutes from the March 10, 2014 meeting were read by Secretary        Gene Summers and approved.
1. New routers for Field Day were discussed, Mike Newman made a          motion to pay Ed Pflueger for their
cost. Motion approved. Thanks, Paul Smith and Ed Pflueger for you      work on this new router system.
2. Ed Plueger noted that the Insurance policy for Field Day was up to        date and submitted to Parks.
3. Mike Newman discussed Field Day operation on June 28 & 29,                2014, that all were welcome to
participate. Mike and the Club wish to thank Chris, KC9RZV for his      generous offer last meeting.
1. Paul Smith noted final testing on the routers to be done before FD,      and Mike Newman volunteered to
make the PC cables.
2. Mike Newman passed around a sign up sheet for FD operators to          fill in their time slots.
3. Ed Plueger mentioned that Michael’s Pizza would provide the                  pizzas for FD, and Red’s Donuts.
4. Ed Plueger did a demonstration of the VE7CC DX Cluster.
5. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.
April 20 John KK4WPL
April 27 Ken WA9WJL
May 04 Logan KG4VKB
May 11 Gene N4FZ
Gary Jones KK4WPL—- Passed his General Class exam.
Kyle Varel — Passed his Technician Class exam.

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