August 2014

1. Vice President Ken Wontor called the meeting to order at 7:00pm,         in room 140, Emerging Technology
2. Introductions by the members and guests.
3. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Sec. Gene Summers and                    approved.
4. Minutes from the July 14, 2014 meeting were read by Secretary              Gene Summers and approved.
1. None
1. Gene N4FZ gave the W1AW/4 ARRL Centennial QSO results for          Kentucky during it’s second week, July 30th to
August 5, 2014. For the week 24,713 QSO’s were made, totaling            55,878 QSO’s made from Kentucky to
Amateurs World wide, in honor of the ARRL Centennial. Gene,                N4FZ made 1,933 digital QSO’s signing
W1AW/4 from his QTH. Kentucky was well represented in this                event. Happy Birthday to the ARRL!
2. Jeff Weilgos, KB9BVL, Asked if the Club would like to set up a                  information booth about Amateur Radio, at the
National Weather Service Open House on Saturday, September 20.      Discussion followed, and Ken suggested
the idea will be brought up at the next Club meeting for                                consideration.
3. George Lankton, W4TPC, was given a round of applause for being          one of the early Presidents of the PARA.
4. Bruce Huyck, KS4V, did a fine presentation on “HF Signals and the        20m band plan”. This included modes such
as CW, Hellschreiber, PSK31, Olivia, JT65, RTTY, Packet, Winlink,          Pactor, SSTV and Digital Voice. Bruce noted
the availability of freeware on the internet makes these modes very      easy to afford and use. Thanks Bruce!
5. A short video called “Old Time MGM Ham Radio film, Radio Hams”      made in 1939 was shown. V.P. Ken Wontor
found this amusing tale of Hams helping those in distress. The                  ending was surprisingly funny. Thanks Ken!
6. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm
17 August Frank KY4LDS 24 August Ken WA9WJL 31 August Gene N4FZ 7 Sept. Logan KG4VKB
Three tested: KK4TXD, Wayne passed his General Class exam, Ken Krahl, and T.J. Mckinney passed their
Technician Class exams. CONGRATULATIONS!

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