February 2015

Paducah Amateur Radio Association
March 9th 2015

Minutes From February Meeting:

Meeting was started at 7:00 Pm by  the Club President, Ken Wontor ( KW4DI )

Each person had a name tag with name and callsign, and introduced themselves.

Previous meeting minutes were read by Secretary, Jeff Wielgos, ( KB9BVL )

Club treasury reoprt was given by Treasurer, Paul Smith ( ND4X )

New business  was discussed:

The Club domain fee was due and was being paid by Rob Larrison,  ( KC9VFV )
A motion as made to reimburse Rob for the payment of $13.00 for the doamin payment,
The motion was passed.

Proposal was brought up to do a run of club polo shirts with the club logo, the club members callsign , and name.  There was further discussion on thi, and  was still under future consideration.

Ken Wontor brought up the possibility of getting a information road sign on I-24 to promote the club repeater. Topic was opemn to future discussion and research.

Presentation was given by Bruce on the installation and use of Anderson Power Poles.

The net control operators were set until March 8th>

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