Monthly Meeting

The first PARA meeting of 2016 was held Monday, January 11 at Paducah’s WKCTC Allied Health Building.  Despite the icey cold there were about 15 brave souls in attendance including two new  prospective amateurs.  See names and pictures below.

PARA Meeting Minutes 1/11/16

The meeting was opened by president Ken Wontor (KW4DI) followed by the treasurer’s report given by Paul Smith (ND4X) and subsequently approved and accepted by members.  The primary item of business, election of officers for the new year, was conducted with the following results, pictured left to right:


Secretary:  Ron Cowherd (K4GYD);  Vice President:  Ken Wontor (KW4DI);   President:  Jeff Wielgos (KB9BVL);  and Treasurer:  Bruce Huyck (KS4V).

Old/New business.  Ken Wontor showed the new W4NJA QSL design proposed by Paul Smith followed by discussion and a vote of approval by the club.  The  front of the card depicts a montage of attractive images that we have come to accept as icons of our community including pictures of the Atomic Energy Plant, Quilt Museum, Railroad Engine, River Front and White Haven.  Incoming president Jeff Wielgos will order 500 cards @ $100, money allocated in a previous meeting.

Net Controls for late January/early February

January 17     Jeff (KB9BVL)

     January 24     Frank (KY4LDS)

                January 31     Malckolm (KK4RGM)

 February 7     Ken (KW4DI)


Ron (K4GYD) gave information about the ARRL National Parks On The Air (NPOTA), a year long event somewhat akin to the very popular 2014 event celebrating the ARRL Centennial.  The event is set up so that amateurs may participate, by individual or group operating as Activators or Chasers, earning credit for each contact made.  There is a leader board to show the progress of Activators and Chasers with certificates available to those who have excelled in their number of contacts during the year.  After only two weeks 27 KY scores have been posted.  Of the 27 KY postings, five local hams have already made their presence known:  Ron Cowherd (K4GYD), Bruce Huyck (KS4V), John Hudson (KO4XJ), Forest Summers (N4FZ) and Bill Osborne (K5ZQ).  Not only will this event celebrate the  National Park Centennial but very positive PR will be generated for amateur radio.

Jeff (KB9BVL) introduced his newly created W4NJA Facebook page.  It is a public page intended for timely items of interest related to Paducah area hams.  Items currently listed include news of current dxpeditions, ham gear reviews, weather, etc.  The page can be accessed by simply typing W4NJA Paducah Amateur Radio Association in the “f” header of a any Facebook page.

New License and Upgrade Successes

We are happy to report that Jim Skiles (left) and Clint House (right) passed their exams and are now new Technicians.  Congratulations Jim and Clint.


Contest Participation

The ARRL RTTY contest found several of our members busy:  Paul (ND4X) 23,636 points,  Craig (KD9MS) 1083 contacts, Dave (N4QS) 700 (Ed (AB4IQ) worked 204 and Bill (K5ZQ) results unknown.

Dave Perry earned over 5,000 points with 400+ contacts in the North America QSO Party.

A Few Parting Words From the Webmaster

I will be happy to post any successes that you have earned, contest results, DX worked, awards, etc.  Also, I am trying to add as many pictures of your antenna systems, shacks, pictures, contest log summaries or  projects in which you are involved.  I like to think of this web-site as a historical record of PARA’s life.  So, send those news items and pictures to the email address below.  I will add your submissions as quickly as possible.


Ron                                                                                                                             (