June 2014


1. President Mike Newman called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, in        room 140, Emerging Technology Building.
2. Introductions by the members.
3. The Treasurer’s Report was given by club Treasurer Paul Smith and      approved.
4. Minutes from the May 12, 2014 meeting were read by Secretary              Gene Summers and approved.
1. Mike Newman stated that FIELD DAY was fast approaching, June        28 & 29, and that the generators will need to
be prepped and ready. Garry Wheatley, EC, mentioned he has a              3kW EM generator available, and that John
Hudson wishes to cycle out for maintenance, the two Yamaha                  generators he has. Garry says he will get them from
2. Gene Summers and Mike Newman described what FIELD DAY                (FD) is and why we have it each year. Treasurer
Paul Smith noted that last year’s costs were $325, and a motion              was made and passed to allocate $340 for this
year’s event. Mike Newman has these funds in hand.
3. Mike Newman said that those present at FD could take a vote on          what they wanted to eat, and the Club
would take care of the costs of food, ice and water to drink. Water         coolers will be brought by members. NO Club
Porta-John at the park this year, so be prepared. There is a slight             chance Parks Dept. will have one on site.
4. Paul Smith mentioned the computers are tested and running with         N1MM software. Mike said he has the FD
antennas, feed lines, computers, lights, W4NJA banner, and rolls of       twine, and the Club’s Icom 7200 transceiver at
his QTH, and ready. Bruce Huyck and Ed have the antenna                           launchers. Greg Englert has the military fiberglass poles
in a duffel bag, for the EM bus antenna support, Gene Summers will     call Greg to check on their availability. The
EM bus is expected to be there, (also contact Mike Thomasson to           be sure) and last year the bus’s diesel fuel was
paid for by EM, at no cost to the Club.
5. Gene Summers mentioned that Dave Perry, N4QS will be bringing        his Elecraft K3 to FD, for the CW Station.
6. Mike Newman mentioned that the FD preparation at Keiler Park            will begin early at 7am Saturday, in order to
claim the two pavilions we require. Ed Pflueger and Gene Summers      plan to be there early. Donuts will also be
provided Saturday morning.
7. Media, Ed Pflueger has sent in a report on our Field Day activities.

1. Bruce Huyck mentioned that VE Testing should be changed to                  every EVEN MONTH of the year.2. Ken Wontor asked about log            submission of check ins on Sunday’s Weather Net. New info: Check      in logs should
be submitted to Garry Wheatley, EC, then to Jim Brooks, KY4Z, but      only when there is an actual emergency or
weather event.
3. Paul Smith noted that the ARRL FIELD DAY message should/will          be copied and submitted for extra 100 FD
points. Paul said he would copy it Friday, the 27th.
Also, a FD message to Jim Brooks, KY4Z, will be submitted
for an extra 100 points.
4. Mike Newman also noted that W4NJA was #3 in the 3A Category        last year, with a score of 7,380 and 1,965
contacts, and he expects this year to be as good. The GOTA Station      will be using Malcolm’s callsign, KK4RGM,
again this year. See you at FD Mike said!
5. Clint Talmadge asked about the Echolink connection to the                        147.060mHz W4NJA repeater, and Logan Blewett
mentioned the EM protocol says “No Echolink per RF connection”,        which means connection by computer only.
PC, MAC, Android and IOS is supported.
6. Ken Wontor did a Presentation on his latest Hamfest find, a WWI          era 1919, Western Electric Army Signal Corp
Field Set. It has a range of 20 miles, ran on 6 Volts, CW and Voice,          with a condenser mic. Ken noted the French
and English had a “Fuller Phone Set”, which was similar. Jim Rudd,          AK4PS, also has one of these.
7. The meeting was adjourned at 8:04pm.
June 15 Ken WA9WJL
June 22 Frank KY4LDS
June 29 Ed KC9UVO
July 06 Gene N4FZ

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