March 2014


  1. President Mike Newman called the meeting to order at 7:05pm, in room 140, Emerging Technology Building.
  2. Introductions by the members.
  3. Treasurer’s Report was given by club Treasurer Paul Smith and approved.
  4. Minutes from the February 10, 2014 meeting were read by Secretary Gene Summers and approved.


  1.        1.   In memory of Frank’s Baumer’s father’s passing,  Mike Newman made a motion to donate to a charity, motion approved.


  1. Mike Newman commented on the W1AW/4 Centennial KY activity from his QTH, with over 3k QSO’s thus far.
  2. Mike also mentioned a future operating event at Kentucky Dam, getting permission, security, etc. when weather warms up.
  3. A questionnaire was presented and discussed by Mike Newman asking about club interests for future events, to anyone who missed that last meeting.
  4. A Field Day approval form was submitted by Ed Pflueger to Parks Dept., for June 28 & 29, 2014 for operation at Keiler Park.  Discussion of Field Day equipment, EM bus, Bill’s KY2O’s RV, shelters, antennas, W4NJA banner, computer WiFi improvement, submitting a FD article to the local newspaper was discussed. Mike Newman suggested offering any interested visitors, tours of the FD site, explaining our FD event, and to increase public awareness of the Amateur Radio service.
  5. Mike Newman made a motion to accept an offer from Chris O’Dea, KC9RZV of improved WiFi equipment, during FD, and assume responsibility for any damages of this equipment. Motion approved. This should improve computer synching between the stations.
  6. Mike Newman and the Club thanked Jim Rudd for finding a nice room to meet in.
  7. Bruce Huyck gave a talk on using the “SPLIT” function on HF radios.
  8. Clint Talmadge W5CPT, showed the club his new “parasitic suppressor” he had assembled for his AL811 amp. Mike Newman further explained how they functioned.
  9. Discussion of Mike’s 40m 4 element beam, transmitting, receiving and noise levels during the W1AW/4 activity from his house.
  10. The Meeting was adjourned at approx 8:10pm.


            March 16  Frank KY4LDS

March 23 Gene N4FZ

March 30 Chris KC9RZV

April 06    Frank KY4LDS

April 13    Daniel KG4JXH


No one requested testing.


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