October 2014


  1. President Mike Newman called the meeting to order at 7:00pm in room 140, Emerging Technology Building.
  2. Introductions by the members and guests.
  3. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Club President Mike Newman and approved.
  4. Minutes from the Sept 8, 2014 meeting were read by Secretary Gene Summers and approved.


  1. None


  1. Mike Newman asked Jim Rudd, AK4PS, about the use of the Room, Jim said we have permission until December, 2015. Jim noted we are guests and should take good care of the room and building. Pick up our trash, leave the room and building in better condition than we found it. Mike noted that we are very fortunate to have such a fine place to have our meetings. Thank you Jim!
  2. Ken, WA9WJL, asked about the Christmas Dinner, Mike Newman said that Ed AB4IQ, had made reservations at Casa Mexicana December 8, at 6pm.
  3. Mike Newman asked Gene N4FZ, to describe activities at the PARA booth, and his experiences during the NWS Open House. Jeff, KB9BVL was the organizer for the booth, and had the Club’s Icom 7200 set up to receive JT65. Many questions were answered about Amateur Radio in general, and it’s effectiveness during emergencies.
  4. Mike Newman mentioned that Club Officers for 2015 will be discussed at the November 10 meeting.
  5. Frank KY4LDS, suggested the sign in sheet should include a “check box” for the number of times you have checked into the Purchase Area Emergency Weather and Traffic Net, in order to boost awareness of the net. The 9pm Sunday nite net check in’s are typically 9-13 in number, usually the same people checking in. We should work to increase net participation, due to the number of weather events we are experiencing.
  6. Ken, WA9WJL, gave a video presentation on VSWR, “VSWR Explained”.
  7. Meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm.


19 Oct. Ed KC9UVO   26 Oct. Frank KY4LDS   02 Nov. Logan KG4VKB    09 Nov. Ken WA9WJL


Three tested, all passed. Ken Krahl KM4DTS to General Class,  Benjamin Selph General Class, Joe Grimes   Technician Class.  CONGRATULATIONS!

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