September 2014


  1. President Mike Newman called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, in room 140, Emerging Technology Building.
  2. Introductions by the members and guests.
  3. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Secretary Paul Smith and approved.
  4. Minutes from the August 11, 2014 meeting were read by Secretary Gene Summers and approved.


  1. None


  1. Mike Newman noted the National Weather Service will be having an Open House, Saturday September 20, 9am-5pm, and that weather radios will possibly need to be programmed by volunteers, and any Club member wishing to help, should contact Jeff, KC9BVL, or Christine Weilgos, at the NWS office for more information. Paul Smith brought up a question of liability on the Club, when any weather radios are programmed by members.  Mike expressed his concern as well, and will call Christine on this.
  2. Mike asked Jim, AK4PS about the use of the Room 140 for another year for Club meetings, as it is such a nice place to meet. Jim says he will ask the building administration about this, and will report back in November.
  3. Mike also mentioned George Lankton, W4TPC, has some Ham equipment for sale, and the list was passed around. Contact George for more details.
  4. Ed Pflueger, AB4IQ, gave a presentation of the VE7CC Cluster program, how it works, and how it ties in with W4NJA-1 and Dxbase2007.
  5. Ron Cowherd, K4GYD, gave a presentation of Realtime DXMaps2.6 site on the Internet. Six meters is a new band for Ron, and he is learning about 6m propagation using this site.
  6. Ed Pflueger played Ken Wontor’s video on “Windom antenna builds” by W1GV, as well as a vintage “Shortwave Radio from WWII, “Voice of Victory” part 2, 1944, Hallicrafter’s SCR-299 HT-4 transmitter.
  7. Meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm.


14 Sept. Frank KY4LDS   21 Sept. Frank KY4LDS   28 Sept. Gene           N4FZ    5 Oct. Logan KG4VKB  12 Oct. W4WKN


No tests given.

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