Florida QSO Party April 26th and April 27th

The Florida QSO Party April 26th and April 27th, 2014

Object: Everyone works Florida, Florida works Everyone.

Activate and/or work ALL Florida counties. Have fun!

When:  April 26th and April 27th, 2014

Two – 10 hour operating periods (20 Hours total):

Saturday April 26th 16:00z (Noon EDT) –  01:59z April 27th 2014, (9:59pm EDT 26th)

Sunday April 27th 12:00z (8am EDT) – 21:59z (5:59pm EDT) April 27st 2014

Exchange: RST and County (Florida stations)

RST and QTH (ST, Prov. or Country (DXCC Prefix) for Outside FL)

Where: 10, 15, 20, and 40 Meter bands (Approximate frequencies)

CW :  28.030, 21.030, 14.030, 7.030  (+- 30KHz)

SSB:  28.485, 21.345, 14.270, 7.190  (+- 20KHz)

(Approximate center frequencies, There is lots of activity!)

Mobile stations can be found listed below. Fix Stations may be found above and below:

CW:  7.025-7.035,  14.040-14.050,  21.040-21.050,  28.040-28.050MHz*

SSB:  7.180-7.190,  14.265-14.275,  21.340-21.350,  28.480-28.490 MHz*

* Fixed Stations, Please refrain from CQing in the Mobile Window

Categories: (Many!)

Single Op, SO Assisted, Multi Op, Multi-Multi, Mobile, and School.

Three power categories: QRP, Low Power, and High Power.

Use CW, SSB or a mix of the two.


Prizes: Beautiful color certificates for top participants

Plaques for top Winning entrants.

Send logs to:  <mailto:logs@floridaqsoparty.org> logs@floridaqsoparty.org

Web Site:  <http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/> http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/

Please visit for detailed rules, mobile routes, past results, and county maps. http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/rules.html

Florida Counties on the Air


K0RC: Awesome workbooks:


NO5W:Awesome Maps and mobile list: