W1AW Portable Operations Summary Sheet

Several people have asked how I keep track of the W1AW portable stations I have worked.

Attached is a PDF for the next few weeks, if you are looking for a summary sheet.  I came up with this format when the stations first started the portable operations in January.  It allows you to quickly see if you need a station on any given band/mode or if you have already worked them.

W1AW Portable Summary 2014-05-28

The reason I have the band/mode ghost printed in alternating columns, is I found out real quick as you get over towards the right side of the page, it is hard to make sure which line you are on without them as a guide.

I high light the band/mode in yellow as I work them.  When they are confirmed in LoTW, I go back and black them out.  That way you can make sure you are not missing a spot that you thought you had when the stations activate for their 2nd week.

The lines for CW, SSB and RTTY at the bottom let you mark the different operating modes, if you are trying to get the special WAS for each individual mode.  For instance, mark the CW block when you work your first CW station for that state, and you know you have that mode out of the way.

Hope this helps out.


Paul – ND4X

W1AW Portable Summary 2014-05-28

February Monthly Meeting

We had another really good turnout for the February meeting with 28 in attendance.  Not a bad number when it’s 10 degrees outside.

The big news of the night was the W1AW contest.  The ARRL Centennial Celebration was presented by Paul for operations on March, 5 2014 at 6 PM.  This will be held at Mike Newman’s QTH using W1AW/4 in a contest setting.  If your interested in operating please email Paul and let him know.

Another topic to keep in mind is the possibility that we might need to relocate our monthly meetings.  In the past several months we have been forced to use the student lounge at WKCTC instead of our normal room 142.  If anyone has a place they know of that could accommodate between 20-35 people, send one of the officers an email.

Show us your shack!!!  We are needing photos or video of your shack to put on the website.  If you have a few photos or video to send you can email them here or you can upload them to an online viewer (skydrive, dropbox, ect…) as long as they are set to public.  We would like to have a nice spot on the website to showcase these so please take a couple of minutes and email them to me.

The new website has a nice RSS source that you can use with your phone or tablet.  If you use any feed reader app (flipboard, feedly, ect…) you can access the feed by entering the address: https://w4nja.org/feed in the search bar.  Every post that is made will automatically show up in your reader.

Net control operators were set for February.  See the net control page for schedules.

Don’t forget that the ROMEO group (Retired Old Men Eating Out) meet every Thursday at Michael’s Pizzeria in Paducah at 11AM for lunch.  Come have lunch and meet some of the local hams.  It’s a good time.  Click here for directions to Michael’s.

We had another good night of testing with 3 upgrading to General Class and 2 upgrading to Amateur Extra.  Congratulations guys!

Club dues are due.  The club now accepts all major credit cards.  If you are interested in membership or need to pay dues contact ND4X.

73’s – Rob KC9VFV